In Recognition of World Water Day, Nestle Supports Water Conservation Awareness Projects with Children in Egypt
Nestlé Waters with factory workers and children of Benha for World Water Day

CAIRO, Egypt:  Today in recognition of World Water Day, Nestlé Waters brought together factory workers and children of Benha local community to educate them on the importance of water conservation in Egypt. Through a Partnership with the Ministry of Education, each year Nestlé Waters works with thousands of children to support educational awareness and innovation in understanding and developing sustainable solutions for water conservation.

This year, Nestlé Waters Egypt is working with over 30 schools in the Benha area to educate almost 12,000 children on the importance of water conservation. Through a series of games that educate children on how to reduce water wastage at home, support environmental sustainability and understand the amount of drinkable water that is available versus water available in general. During the day event children from three local schools in Benha presented their ideas on water challenges and solutions to attendees through a play and presentation. Children were given live demonstrations of the impact of wasting water through bathroom and kitchen stations which visually showed children the effects and impact that using too much water could have on local communities, the environment and future generations.

Talking about Nestlé Waters initiative spokesperson Zaid Walid Albitar said “Raising awareness of the need to consider our water usage is a prime concern for the country and for us at Nestlé. We must work to educate future generations on the challenges they will face and the ways in which water can be conserved if we are to address the water consumption challenges we are already facing.”

Over the course of the year Nestlé Waters will also be working closely with schools in the area to support children in innovating to create unique and sustainable water solutions that take into account the explosion and rapid growth of the population in Egypt and across the Nile Basin. Water wastage is already a key concern in Egypt, where challenges to water access are already present; Egypt faces an annual water deficit of around 7 billion cubic meters per year and UN expects that this figure will continue to increase unless Egyptians start to conserve water consumption more efficiently.

“The preceding was a press release by Nestle, and does not reflect the editorial policy of The Cairo Post.”

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