Egypt denies FM claim Regeni had engaged in S+M
Giulio Regeni - Twitter

CAIRO: The Foreign Ministry denied Wednesday claims its top diplomat told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that Italian student Guilio Regeni had engaged in a sadomasochistic sex session.

“Since the beginning of this incident, and others, we have been familiar with much tumult, exaggerations and rumors that are promoted in the Western media, and then they are dealt with as truth,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abou Zeid told On TV Wednesday.

Italian news website La Stampa had attributed the remark to Shoukry in a Saturday report.

Regarding Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni’s remarks at the parliament on imposing “immediate and proportionate” against Cairo if it failed to “change its tack” in the case, Abou Zeid said the statement was “at the very least, infelicitous.”

Abou Zeid especially criticized the timing of the remarks since an Egyptian delegation has departed to Rome Wednesday to disclose the outcome of the investigation thus far.

In an official statement Tuesay, the Foreign Ministry said it abstains from commenting on Gentiloni’s remarks that “complicate the situation further.”

The body of Regeni, 28, was found in early February with signs of torture; he had been doing research on labor unions in Egypt.

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