Largest salt extraction plant in ME to be built at Qaroun Lake: governor
Qaroun Lake

CAIRO: The largest salt extraction factory in the Middle East will be established at the banks of Qaroun Lake in Fayoum in cooperation with the military’s National Service Authority, Youm7 reported Monday.

The cost of the project is estimated at 9 billion EGP ($1.01 billion,) providing more than 5,000 direct job opportunities and 40,000 indirect jobs, Governor Wael Makram told Youm7.

The plant is expected to be the main income source in Fayoum, a semi-oasis southwest of Cairo, creating a boom in the governorate, Makram said.

Further, a total of 2,600 feddans north of Qaroun Lake has been allocated to host the largest tourist project in the largely blue-collar, agricultural governorate.

The tourist city is expected to include hotels, movie theaters and parks, “open forests,” museums of migratory and local birds, screens to observe the birds, an astronomical observatory and exhibition for locally specialties including pottery.

Fayoum is famous among young people in Egypt as a destination to observe stars and planets, especially deep into its western desert for its clear sky.

The governorate also includes the protectorate of Whales Valley, also known as Wadi al-Hitan, an area that was once under water and exhibits large fossils of ancient whales including one with hind feet, and the world’s largest skeleton of a whale.

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