Spreading hatred in the name of religion
Akram el-Kasas - YOUM7
By Akram al-Kassas

Observe some who have never before talked about religion, Islam, or justice but insist on confronting opponents with ready accusations of atheism and treason. We are not talking about an individual case but about hundreds whom some people call “preachers.”  These preachers act in a way far beyond anything related to Islam. They merely pour their curses all on their opponents. A striking example of this case is the so-called preacher Wagdy Ghoneim, who published videos on YouTube for that purpose.

The strange thing is that these so-called preachers have abandoned their original job, preaching Islam, and begun playing the role of politicians; the tragedy is intensified because they fail in doing so. Wagdy Ghoneim recently entered the battlefield also with the Tunisians, a battle he does not know why he began in the first place.

Ghoneim is peculiar at choosing his diction of insults, along with incitement and accusations of atheism against his opponents. Such preachers distort Islam’s image – these preachers have created tens of terrorists who spread across Egypt in the 1990s, carrying out terrorist operations and calling themselves “Jihadists.” Media focused on those people to prove accusations that Muslims are terrorists, while true preachers have been ignored. Some of those preachers stepped into the world of politics and were affected by its cruelty and dishonesty.

For example, Dr. Al-Qaradawee entered the world of politics through the gate of religion. He abandoned his history and started to accuse opponents to the extent of supporting and justifying U.S. and NATO strikes, a shield that may be used by many politicians, but not by many preachers.

If we consider what those preachers do is in the best interest of Islam’s enemies, then this would undergo the conspiracy theory against Islam, and them being vindictive gives the world a very wrong impression, suggesting that Islam is a religion of brutality and violence and ignoring Islam’s core values.

The deeds of this group of preachers may relate to the urge of being famous and contribute to the political scene.

Finally, the blame does not only fall on Wagdy Ghoneim and people like him for distorting the real face of Islam: we should also blame the people applauding for them and happily receiving their call of hatred.

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