Creative Industry Summit launches today
Courtesy of The Cairo Summit.

CAIRO: For the third consecutive year, Creative Industry Summit was launched today and will last for two days with the participation of hundreds of professionals in the creative fields of advertising, art, design, music, film, radio, television and photography.

The Summit welcomed a range of international, regional and Egyptian experts in their fields. It included two main sessions, the first of which focuses on the size of the media content and its impact on the advertising market. The second is on the restructuring of the media industry and the future of digital media. The sessions focus on a number of important creative topics, including how to launch an innovative digital media campaign, how to create global brands, e-content development, the future of media, global trends, local challenges, how to create good advertising material and other important topics.

Mai Salama, Founding Partner of Creative Industry Summit, stated, “The Summit is a unique event of its kind. It adopts a new concept of creativity and innovation that reflects directly on the businesses of participants and helps them grow their businesses by following up on the latest developments in the creative fields and exchanging experiences, particularly those of young participants.”

Amr Ashraf, Founding Partner of Creative Industry Summit, added, “The overwhelming turnout of the Summit confirms its success in achieving its mission and developing youth with creative thinking that are capable of promoting and growing their businesses, which will help boost production in creative industries and increase their role in national production and supporting the economy.”

The Summit’s agenda included a number of panel discussions, speakers and workshops with the participation of experts and decision-makers from the biggest advertising, marketing and public relations agencies as well as corporate marketing and advertising managers. The Summit’s agenda places the future of creativity in Egypt and the region at the forefront of its priorities, in addition to participants’ success stories.

Creative Industry Summit is held annually in April as well as a special event in September to discuss creative ideas in advertising, drama and online marketing campaigns during the month of Ramadan, which is the busiest season for those in creative fields. In addition, preparations are underway for a workshop next year to discuss regional challenges facing creative industries at a large scale.

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