19 Africans arrested over illegal entry into Aswan
Egyptian armed forces - YOUM7

CAIRO: A total of 19 Africans were arrested after illegally entering Aswan city in Upper Egypt, Youm7 reported Wednesday.

The arrested reportedly infiltrated through desert routes outside of the Kom Ombo Railway station.

A police report was filed against 15 Ethiopians and four Somalis who entered Aswan without having passports or official documents.

Earlier this month, 19 Eritreans were arrested in Daraw city, north of Aswan governorate, after they illegally entered the country.

On March 7, some 42 Eritreans were arrested in Aswan over similar circumstances.

Nineteen unregistered Sudanese migrants were deported from Egypt March 19 after being arrested before illegally entering Libya territories. On Jan. 19, a total of 45 migrants from Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Mali were deported over alleged attempts to illegally enter Israel and Libya via Egypt.

Egyptian authorities routinely announce foiled illegal attempts of migrants, including Egyptians and foreigners, to travel to Europe, but no certain numbers about how many were able to successfully slip under the radar are available.

A law that imposes imprisonment and fine for human trafficking and illegal immigration was approved by the cabinet in November.

A total of 22,026 people of different nationalities were arrested over illegal immigration attempts in December, according to military spokesperson Mohamed Samir.

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