New reduced prices of Hep C cures announced

CAIRO: The domestically-produced Sovaldi and Daklinza, Hepatitis C treatments, will be available for patients at a reduced price of 449 EGP ($50,) and 60 EGP per bottle respectively, Youm7 quoted Assistant Health Minister for pharmacy Tariq Salman Thursday.

The drugs will be available at liver treatment and health insurance centers with the new price by mid-next week, Tariq said.

The price of Hepatitis C drugs have been reduced several times over the past months. A bottle of Sovaldi cost 520 EGP / bottle before the recent discount, and the bottle is consumed over one month.

One out of 10 of Egypt’s population aged 15-59 is infected, according to the World Health Organization; the government has embarked on a vigorous campaign to put an end to this high prevalence in 2014.

The campaign has successfully increased the number of liver treatment centers across the country, subsidized regimens, and started producing several liver-related drugs to further reduce their prices.

The Ministry of Health previously announced that the treatment of 300,000 Hep C patients is expected to be finalized by June 2016, and that around 180,000 have been cured so far across nationwide.

The government hopes to cure some 500,000 patients in 2016 using domestically produced regimens.

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