Lawyers disperse protest after policemen detained
Egyptian security forces

CAIRO: Some 60 lawyers dispersed from the East Cairo prosecution office northeast of Cairo early Sunday after two policemen were ordered detained for assaulting a lawyer over a parking space, Youm7 reported.

The lawyers had headed for the prosecution office in solidarity with three colleagues who were detained after an altercation with the police; lawyer Mohamed H. allegedly parked his car in front of security barriers in the vicinity of Marg police station northeast of Cairo when Wahdan told him parking was banned in that space.

The altercation escalated and two other lawyers intervened, but Mohamed H. was transferred to a hospital to prove his injuries in a medical report.

Captain Fawzy Wahdan and a low-ranking policeman were ordered detained for 24 hours pending investigations by the North Cairo Court, while Cairo Security Directorate suspended Wahdan from duty.

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