Refrigerator containing spoiled meat confiscated in Giza
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CAIRO: A meat display refrigerator was confiscated in Ard el-Lewa district in Giza after it contained meat and poultry unfit for human consumption, Youm7 reported Monday.

The crackdown is the latest by supply police on butchers, restaurants and markets to prevent the sale of spoiled meat.

The seized refrigerator was submitted to the Veterinary Medicine department, and the owners of the fridge were referred to specialized prosecution for investigations.

Meanwhile, manager of the Veterinary Medicine department, Ashraf Ismail, stated that some 75 kg of meat were found slaughtered outside butcheries and unofficially stamped. Beef, lamb, and other red meats generally require a health official to stamp that the animal’s slaughter and the handling of its flesh are halal, and up to health code.

Last month, a fast food restaurant owner was arrested after 580 kg of bad meat, unfit for human consumption, were found in his store, according to Youm7.

Similar campaigns have confiscated hundreds of tons of spoiled food across the country, prompting the government to recently announce new regulations.

Although means of enforcement were not detailed, the new regulations are meant to control meat sales at markets, as well as to urge implementation of previous decisions of banning slaughter outside regulated slaughterhouses.

Inspection campaigns at veterinary directorates and the establishment of new government-run automated slaughterhouses are also among the to-be-adopted measures.

In February, the inspection department at the Veterinary Medicine Authority in Giza announced the seizure of 18,360 kg of spoiled meat at shops and slaughterhouses in the governorate.

The confiscations come amid rising meat prices and a reduction of imports due to sharp depreciation of the Egyptian pound.


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