Hundreds travel via Sallum border, more Egyptians flee Libya
Salloum land crossing-Youm7/Archive

CAIRO: A total of 916 travelers crossed Egypt’s western Sallum border with Libya in both directions during the past 24 hours, Youm7 reported Monday.

The travelers included 272 Egyptians and 371 Libyans that crossed into the Libyan territories, while 273 arrived, including 71 who previously left the country illegally. Some 277 Egyptian cargo trucks crossed the border in both directions.
The number of Egyptians who returned from Libya since mid-February 2015, when 20 Egyptian Copts were beheaded by the Islamic State branch in Sirte, has reached 153,030 so far, according to recent statistics.
On the other hand, the border police have thwarted hundreds of attempts by unregistered migrants to cross illegally into the oil-rich state, despite government warnings of security lapses in Libya, where Islamist militias have controlled swaths of the country.
Libya was one of the most-travelled to destinations for Egyptians before was dragged into security turmoil following 2011 upheaval. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians fled the country at that time.

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