Protests against killing of civilian by policeman in New Cairo
Some workers blocked road and staged protest against killing a worker by policeman in a difference over a “cup of tea” in at Rehab city, a district of New Cairo city Tuesday, on April 19, 2016- Photo by Youm7.

CAIRO: Some workers at Rehab city, a district of New Cairo city, blocked road and staged protest against killing a worker by policeman in a difference over a “cup of tea,” Youm7 reported Tuesday.

A street vendor selling hot drinks in the city was fatally shot by a policeman who injured two others over a difference over the price of a cup of tea Tuesday.

The protesting workers chanted slogans against the Ministry of Interior, and blocked roads; so car drivers clashed with them at the city entrance.

However, security forces removed the rocks barracked by the protesters and the victim’s relatives, intensifying their presence in the area.

Investigations have been launched after arresting the accused policeman; interrogators told Youm7 that policemen at this area used to take hot drinks from the street vendors without paying money.

The initial investigations revealed that the policeman refused to pay money for the cup of tea and when a quarrel erupted between them, the policeman opened fire, killing the man. When the victim’s friends tried to hold on the accused man, another bullet bit another vendor. The probes added that two other policemen were with the accused man during the incident.

On Jan. 11, A police officer was sentenced Monday to seven years in prison and five others police watchdogs were sentenced to five years over killing a civilian and possessing drugs in Giza’s al-Saf city.

The Interior Ministry is facing a growing outrage due to increasing incidents of abuses reported against civilians, which the ministry routinely calls “isolated incidents,” denying any indications of systematic malpractice by police personnel.

However, a recent case of a truck driver shot dead by a policeman has largely stirred public anger, and prompted President Abdel Fatah to call for new legislation, which is currently waiting for Cabinet’s approval, to hold police accountable for abuses.

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