Death sentence of 3 upheld, 4 commuted for officer murder
Death penalty

CAIRO: The Cassation Court upheld the death sentence of three defendants implicated in the killing of a policeman and commuted the penalty to life in prison for four others, Youm7 reported.

The defendants shot Captain Ahmed Nashaat last year in the Delta’s Quweisna, Menoufia, while in a chase on Cairo-Alexandria Agricultural Highway. They had stolen power cables in Mastay village.

Hundreds of death sentences have been issued against Islamists in the past couple of years over murders and sabotage; the majority of which have been commuted, but dozens have been upheld in retrials.

However, only once Islamist convict has been executed after a civilian trial thus far; he had thrown children off a rooftop in Alexandria during anti-military protests in 2013.

Egypt ranked 17th out of 82 countries that executed convicts in 2007-2012 with 12 cases, according to an Amnesty International report.

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