New education projects to be opened in N.Sinai on National Day

CAIRO: Six new education projects are set to be inaugurated in North Sinai within the coming days on occasion of its national day; Youm7 quoted Undersecretary of Education Minister Adel Abdel Moneim Wednesday

Abdel Moneim highlighted the “success” of educational system in the governorate despite security circumstances, saying that the Education Minister is following up on the situation via video conference. 

He noted that approximately 106,644 students are enrolled in 583 schools across the governorate, and that the number of teachers reached 9,446.


The projects include two new buildings, an educational directorate headquarters in el-Hasna and Nakhl districts in Central Sinai, a new building at Al Zekra School for primary stage, a new building at El-Daraweesh School for primary stage and a building at El-Karama school for primary stage. 

Egyptians celebrate on April 25 the anniversary of what is known as “Sinai Liberation Day,” which marks the final withdrawal of Israeli military forces from the Sinai Peninsula in 1982.


Although a prolonged fight led by the Egyptian army is taking place against the extremists in the northern tip of the peninsula, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has announced several ongoing reconstruction projects thereaiming to link the area to the rest of the country.


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