11 detained for 4 days over calling for protest against Red Sea islands deal
Protesters against Saudi acquisition of Tiran, Sanafir islands outside Journalists' Syndicate - Youm7

CAIRO: East Cairo prosecution on Sunday ordered the four-day detention of 11 persons pending investigations over calls to organize “unlicensed” protests on Monday to oppose the government’s decision to acknowledge Saudi Arabian sovereignty over the Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir, Youm7 reported.

The arrestees face numerous charges, including inciting violence to overthrow the regime, call for attacking police stations, joining terrorist organization (Muslim Brotherhood,) using social media to commit acts of terrorism.

The calls came after Egypt agreed to return control of the two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia in a maritime demarcation agreement signed during Saudi King Salman’s visit to Egypt earlier this month.

The Interior Ministry said Thursday it would take legal action against people who participate in the protest urging people “not to get carried away by tendentious calls for protests and it warns against any attempts to break the law.”

Dozens of activists were arrested Thursday in Cairo, Alexandria, the Nile Delta and Upper Egypt ahead of planned protests on 25 April, according to Al Ahram.

The protests will coincide with Sinai Liberation Day which marks the final withdrawal of the Israeli Defense Forces from the Sinai Peninsula in 1982, after 15 years of occupation.

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