Cairo public parks open for free on Sinai Liberation Day
Azhar public park

CAIRO: All public parks in Cairo will offer free entry for visitors Monday, marking the governorate celebrations of the anniversary of Sinai Liberation Day, Youm7 reported.

The parks were opened per an order of acting Cairo governor Ahmed Taymour, who participated with the head of the military central district Ayman Amer and Assistant Interior Minister Khaled Abdel Aal in placing a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Cairo’s Nasr City district.

The day is a national holiday, on which public and most private sectors including institutions, schools and universities are given a day off.

Sinai Liberation Day marks the final withdrawal of the Israeli Defense Forces from the Sinai Peninsula in 1982, after 15 years of occupation. Sinai was occupied during the Six Days War in 1967 before it was liberated in the 1973 October War, also known as Yom Kippur War, launched by former President Mohamed Anwar al Sadat.

In March, Sisi issued a presidential decree to pardon some prisoners as a part of the celebrations. Those eligible for pardon must have demonstrated that they are “trustworthy and not dangerous to public safety,” according to the decree.

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