Body of Egyptian killed in Indiana bears no torture signs: expatriates coalition
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CAIRO: The body of Egyptian expatriate Mohamed Rushdie who was found in Indiana State in the U.S., does not bear signs of torture, head of Universal Union of Egyptian Expatriates Mohamed el-Gamal said in Thursday T.V statements.

In a phone call with Al-Hayah T.V. Channel, El-Gamal quoted investigations by U.S. authorities, saying that Rushdie’s corpse was found in a garage and was not dumped in a garbage container as reported by some media outlets.

For El-Gamal, the incident is purely “criminal” and not a “political or hate crime.”

Rushdie was an Egyptian-American accountant, 51yrs, and was living alone in the U.S., said El-Gamal who added police could not reach his sister who is also living in the U.S.

Attorney General Nabil Sadiq has ordered speedy investigations into the murder of two Egyptians; Rushdie in Indiana and Sherif Adel Habib in London.

Habib, 21yrs, was found burnt at a garage in Cranleigh Gardens, South Hall, west of London early Monday, and was announced dead upon arrival to a Sussex hospital hours after.

In a Tuesday presidential statement, Egypt called on British authorities to “give due diligence to and intensify investigation into this mysterious incident in order to establish its causes, identify perpetrators and bring them to justice.”

Metropolitan Police stated on its website that it has arrested three men on suspicion of conspiracy to commit arson, adding “we are satisfied that Sherif Adel Makar Habib as duel British and Egyptian national from Acton died as a result of the fire on Monday, 25 April.”

“At this stage in the investigation Mr Habib’s death is being treated as unexplained and enquiries continue to establish the full circumstances,” added the statement.

Local newspapers compared the murder of both Habib and Rushdie to the slain Italian student Gulio Regeni, with some labeling the killed expatriates as the “Egyptian Regeni.”

The unsolved case of Regeni has created a chronic headache to the Egyptian administration, which has faced heated criticism of human rights record ever since.

In January, the body of the 28yr old Regeni was found dumped by the side of the road outside Cairo with signs of torture and cigarette burns, days after he was reported missing.

The Interior Ministry recently denied a Reuter’s report that quoted anonymous police sources saying that Regeni “had been detained by police and then transferred to a compound run by Homeland Security the day he vanished.”

“The ministry warns it could take legal action against those who spread false news,” according to the Interior Ministry’s statement.

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  1. John McCain
    April 29, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    Probably he died when his homemade bomb went off. But you can see how desperate Egypt is to shift the spotlight away and present itself as victim.. As usual..

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