Tahrir’s Mogamma to be evacuated end of June: Deputy Gov
Tahrir Compound

CAIRO: The Mogamma, a 65-year old administrative governmental building in Downtown Cairo in the heart of Tahrir square , will be evacuated beginning June 30, per an order by the Cairo governorate.

Mohamed Ayman, deputy Cairo governor, told Sky News Arabia Saturday that the decision to evacuate the compound is “final” and “meets public interest” as it aims to reduce traffic congestion in the heart of Cairo.

The 14-storey building includes government agencies which process documents such as driver’s licenses and visas. The construction of the building was completed in 1951. The building covers 28,000 meters of land and stands at a height of 55 meters.

With evacuation works scheduled to begin June 30, Ayman explained that each ministry is expected to withdraw its agencies from the complex, and instead, each ministry will be directly responsible for doing its paperwork for the public.

He hinted that there are suggestions to transform the building to a hotel with restaurants and a swimming pool, adding that this would require restructuring. Ayman stressed that the building will still remain one of “Cairo’s landmarks.”

The Mogamma building, also called Mogamma el-Tahrir, is located in the southern corner of the iconic Tahrir Square, across the street from the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.

The building also neighbored the former headquarters of the ruling National Democratic Party, which was set ablaze during 2011 upheavals, and was recently demolished.

Since 2014, Cairo has launched several bids to achieve traffic liquidity including the relocation of hundreds of street vendors away from road flow, and the inauguration of an underground multi-storey car park in Tahrir Square.


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