Engy Hamdy leaves April 6: “The movement no longer represents me”

The April 6 Youth Movement has received another blow: the resignation of Engy Hamdy, a cofounder of the movement, after six years of work with the movement. Hamdy’s resignation came amid disapproval of the movement’s current work and policies.

“The movement is unrepresentative of me during this phase and amid current events in the country,” Hamdy said in her resignation letter. “After six years of opposing Mubarak’s regime, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and finally Morsi’s year as president, I will continue my battle against injustice to accomplish the goals of the revolution and achieve my dream of a better Egypt.”

“I hope the movement will return to what it once was – the conscience of the people, embracing all citizens,” she added.

Hamdy was one of April 6’s most prominent leaders since 2008, holding several administrative posts in the movement before the January 25 Revolution. She was also the movement’s media coordinator, a member of the administrative and political bureau, and acted as the movement’s spokesperson.

Translated from Youm7.

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