Mountain rock kills diggers in illegal excavation 
Bodies of Russian Plane Crash Victims Arrive in Cairo

CAIRO: A large rock fell from the Western Mountain over a group of excavators who were illegally digging in Asyut, Upper Egypt, killing at least two, Youm7 reported.

Two bodies were found at the mountain in Awaja village in the town of Dairout.

Illegal excavation is widespread in Egypt, but the digging poses risks on amateur excavators.

Three brothers died while excavating for antiquities in a crypt under a mechanic workshop in the Shebin el-Kom city of Menoufia last August.

Illegal excavation and antiquities trafficking spread rampantly after the January 25 Revolution in 2011, with Egypt losing many priceless Pharaonic and Islamic antiquities due to the security vacuum. Although the practice has decreased due to tightened security, illegal excavation, which has existed in Egypt for centuries, is still widespread.

Because there is not an inventory of all of Egypt’s treasures, it is difficult to prove that some antiquities were exported illegally.

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