Journalists’ Syndicate to ‘Blacklist enemies of press freedom’
Thousands of journalists attend Journalists Syndicate assembly to announced stance over syndicate's raid and arrests of its members, Wednesday May 4, 2016. Photo by Nourhan Magdi for The Cairo Post.

CAIRO: During its Wednesday assembly, the Journalists Syndicate reiterated its demand for the removal of the Interior Minister from office. It also requested an official apology from the Presidency for the storming incident.

The assembly, which was held to announce the syndicate’s stance regarding this week’s police storming of its headquarters, also asked that media outlets stop publishing the name of the Interior Minister and instead use his picture in negative.

Launching a “black list” of “enemies of press freedom” was among the assembly’s decisions, which called for the release of all journalists who have been punished in publishing-related cases.



In order for this to happen the assembly demanded the drafting of a law that criminalizes attacking the syndicate’s premises, as well as another law to prevent imprisonment or punishment of journalists for publishing-related cases.

The Syndicate board members called on all newspapers and news websites to place a logo that reads “No to the media gag…No to chaining the press.” It also announced that it will appeal the prosecution’s recent media gag on the reporting of the case of the two journalists, Mahmoud el-Sakka and Amr Badr, who were arrested in the syndicate raid.

Outside the syndicate, Yedia Qallash, head of the union, repeated his call for press freedom: “Press freedom is Egyptians’ freedom. Long live press freedom, long live the fight for journalism.”

Journalists gathered in front of the Journalist Syndicate in Downtown on Wednesday to protest against the security forces storming of the building on Sunday.

Additional reporting by Nourhan Magdi, Samar Samir and Hanan Fayed.

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