Price of imported hepatitis C medication significantly reduced
Harvoni Product Photo - REUTERS

CAIRO: Imported Hepatitis C drug Harvoni will be available at liver centers for a subsidized price of 3,050 EGP ($343,) per bottle, Youm7 quoted Waheed Dous, the head of the National Committee for Control of Viral Hepatitis (NCCVH) on Thursday.

A three-month course to treat the disease using the drug will cost 9,150 EGP; imported Harvoni is available at privately-owned pharmacies for 5,500 EGP per bottle.

Imported Harvoni was initially sold for 19,900 EGP per bottle, but the government embarked on a wide-scale program in 2014 to cure Hepatitis C patients by offering free treatment to a large number of inflected people and significantly reducing the price for others, as well as producing drugs locally.

Local Harvoni is sold at 1,100 EGP per bottle, and there is an Egyptian-American partnership to produce Hepatitis C drugs at European quality standards locally, Dous said.

Large amounts of new locally-made Hepatitis C drugs will be released into the market in the upcoming period with the same effectiveness of their imported counterparts, he added.

One out of 10 of Egypt’s 15-59 year olds is infected with the virus, according to the World Health Organization.

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