Police foils prisoner’s attempt to escape by swapping place with twin brother
Prison - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Torah Prison guards thwarted a plot by an inmate to escape jail, after swapping clothes with his identical twin brother, according to Youm7.

A man from Upper Egypt’s Minya came to visit his jailed brother in Cairo, where they agreed to swap places, so the prisoner gets a chance to see his family and then fix the situation in the next visit.

Taking advantage of the crowded prison hall allocated for family visits, the visitor dressed in the blue prison suit, while the inmate took his ordinary clothes.

Both waited until the visit time ended to execute their plan.

According to prison regulations, visitors leave only after prisoners return to their cells; the double was detected when he could not recognize, neither his cell mates nor the guard. Prison alarm sirens went on to ban visitors from leaving until the two brothers were investigated.

By acknowledging the plot, the inmate returned to his cell after he was accused of attempting to escape prison, while a police report was filed against his brother.

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