EU starts training workshop for Egyptian Judges on administrative Justice
European Working Group on Egypt. Youm7 archive

CAIRO: The European Union (EU) has organized a workshop on justice administration for the Egyptian Judges, EU delegation to Egypt said in a statement Saturday.

The workshop is the first in the EU’s Support to the Modernization of the Administration of Justice (SMAJ) project to the Egyptian Ministry with nine million euros in aid, the statement said.

“Over the course of two days, the SMAJ EU-funded project gathered 98 judges of the Egyptian Court of Cassation (CoC) to address the issue of the unification of its jurisprudence and law interpretation in the first workshop organized with the CoC,” the statement read.

The workshop was supervised by three members of the French Court of Cassation, discussing practical cases of unification of jurisprudences and how to solve difficulties in law interpretation.

“Further project activities will include new workshops, based on peer-to- peer exchange of knowledge and know-how are planned in the coming months,” the statement continued.

The EU has signed cooperation with Egyptian government by which a 60 million euro ($77 million) has been allocated to reduce child labor in Egypt and encourage access to education over the next four years.

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