Nomadism is the opposite of civilization in a North Sinai Arabic test
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CAIRO: What is the antonym of civilization; nomadism and backwardness, advancement, or growth? That was a question in an Arabic final test in North Sinai that triggered anger in the Bedouin community, Youm7 reported.

The question in the Arabic second grade preparatory school final exam resulted in a tribal meeting and a statement by Abdel Hamid al-Akharsa, a tribal figure in Bir al-Abd town of North Sinai.

“The question left a negative impact on the feelings of the Bedouin and tribal community as well as the psyche of our students,” Akharsa said in the statement.

The Bedouin community will continue to escalate the issue to “deter those tempted to disturb peace and social security,” he added.

A lawsuit will be filed against the education minister, the undersecretary of the ministry in North Sinai, and head of the educational administration in Bir al-Abd in their capacities, according to the statement.

The supervisor of Arabic teachers in Bir al-Abd will also face a lawsuit in both his capacity and personality since he wrote the test.

Akharsa, Mohamed al-Zamalout, Sayed al-Emary, Atef Abou Hassouna, Samy al-Hawary and Hussein al-Deeb, representatives of different tribes, attended the meeting.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Hussein.

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