Egyptian children manipulated into sex, drug work in Italy: Immigration Min.
Immigration Minister Nabila Makram in a meeting with parliamentary committee on foreign affairs May, 10, 2016 - Youm7

CAIRO: Hundreds of Egyptian minors are manipulated into sex and drug work in Italy, representing a time bomb that threatens Egypt’s national security, Youm7 quoted Immigration Minister Nabila Makram as saying Tuesday.

“2,500 Egyptian children illegally live in Italy, according to a report, but the real figure is higher than that. They leave hating the country (Egypt,) and they (Italians) send him to a school to learn a craft, but the Egyptian child runs away from the shelter and goes to the vegetable market to work,” Makram said during a meeting with the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs.

“Consequently, the vegetable seller exploits him because child labor there is illegal, so they work in drugs and prostitution, and he would do anything he is asked. And they leave Egypt without any ID, which is a serious disaster,” Makrsam added.

In October 2015, a boat smuggling 560 Egyptian children arrived on the Italian coast. In December, Makram traveled to the European country on a five-day visit to meet with the children, hear their stories and discuss illegal immigration with Italian officials.

Additional reporting by Mohamed al-Sisi

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