25 receive initial sentences of death over tribal clashes in Aswan

CAIRO: A total of 25 convicts received Wednesday initial sentences of death over tribal clashes in Upper Egypt Aswan in 2014, Youm7 reported.

A criminal court referred the death sentences to the Grand Mufti for further consideration. The ruling is not yet final and can be challenged.

In April 2014, clashes took place between the Beni Helal family and the Daboud Nubian tribe in April, which left 25 dead and 44 injured.

Following the clashes, a total of 163 were imprisoned form both families. Clashes erupted after the Daboud tribe placed a total of 27 dead bodies from the Beni Helal family on carts. In retaliation, the Arab clan of Beni Helal set alight two Daboud corpses, placed them on a cart, and paraded them around the city streets.

Both sides killed members from each clan as they believe in Thar. In Upper Egypt, the concept of Tahr, which means revenge or blood debt, dictates that if a family member is killed, a member of the killer’s family must die, which can often spiral into cycles of violence. Police and court procedures often do not sufficiently redress families’ honor, so reconciliation meetings are seen as a practical means to curb violence and preserve face in the community.

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