Blazes hits Cairo governorate headquarters, Safaga port in series of fires
Fire at Cairo governorate building

CAIRO: A fire erupted on two floors of Cairo’s governorate headquarters while another fire broke out at the storehouse of Safaga Red Sea port damaging a truck loaded with luggage Thursday, Youm7 reported.

Assistant to the Interior Minister Gamal Halawa accompanied firefighters to the Cairo governorate building, which has been evacuated. Investigative officers are taking eye witness accounts to determine how the blaze occurred. No causalities have been reported.

The fire damaged an office and some windows on the second and third floor, but the cause of the blaze has not yet been determined, Halawa told Youm7.

Fire at Cairo governorate building

Fire at Cairo governorate building


Meanwhile, firefighters extinguished a fire in the Safaga Red Sea port, which mostly receives luggage and commodities arriving with Egyptians working in Gulf States.

A series of fires has hit Egypt in the past few days. A massive fire broke out in Ataba Monday, killing three, and another one hit Ghouria Wednesday. The reasons for the two fires remain unknown, but the government has promised to compensate those affected by the fire, as the two districts are major fabric markets.

Another fire erupted Thursday in a residential building in the al-Darb al-Ahmar district of Cairo, but sources at Cairo governorate told Youm7 a gas cylinder had exploded inside a shoe workshop on the ground floor. No casualties have been reported.

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