38 injured in blaze in Beheira, big fire in plastic production factory

CAIRO: Thirty eight people were injured in a house fire after a barrel of gasoline exploded in Kafr al-Dawar city of Delta’s Beheira governorate, while an intensive blaze swept through a plastics factory in 6th of October City, Youm7 reported.

Three of the injured people in the house fire are fire fighters from the civilian protection authority. All injured people were hospitalized and the fire was extinguished before spreading to any adjacent buildings or houses.



An initial investigation revealed that a 2,000 liter tank of subsidized gasoline exploded in the house. The gasoline was supposed to be later sold illegally for a higher price.

Meanwhile, a huge fire broke out in big plastics factory in Giza’s 6th of October City. Fumes and smoke caused poor visibility at the site of the incident and on nearby highways. The fire swept through a 4,000-cubic-meter storehouse for plastic recycling in the factory.



Security forces cordoned off the vicinity of the factory to prevent workers from entering the area and to help extinguish the blaze. An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fire.

These two blazes are the latest in a series of recent fires that have erupted nationwide. On May 8 a fire broke out in Old Cairo’s Ataba district killing three. On May 10 a fire in Ghouria damaged the stores of many fabric traders in the same district. Since then, a number of fires broke out in Damietta, Delta, and Upper Egypt.

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