PRESS RELEASE: President al-Sisi Meets Arab Ministers of Youth and Sports
President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi meets with Arab Ministers of Youth and Sports May 16, 2016- Photo courtesy of the Presidency.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met Monday with the Arab Ministers of Youth and Sports. The meeting was attended by Minister of Youth and Sports Khaled Abdel Aziz.

President Sisi stressed the need to place more emphasis on youth issues and make them immune from violent and extremist thoughts. He underscored the importance of consolidating and protecting the notion of the nation-state and national institutions. The President lauded the campaign launched by the Arab ministers of youth under the title “No to violence, No to extremism, No to terrorism,” and highlighted the need to improve the quality of education and invest in the potential of the youth in order to raise their awareness against any misconceptions. He noted the need to renew the media discourse to this purpose.

President Sisi affirmed the importance of enhancing the role of the Arab ministries of youth and sports to cater to the needs of the youth.  The President highlighted the huge potential the Arab ministries of youth have, noting the need to coordinate efforts, organize forums and exchange visits among the youth, who constitute the majority in the Arab region.

Minister Abdel Aziz reviewed the main items that the Council of Arab Ministries of Sports and Youth will discuss to enhance joint Arab action. He added that more than 30 youth and sports events will be organized this year within the framework of the Arab League.

Minister Abdel Aziz  affirmed that the government accords attention to the youth in Egypt, given that the President announced the year 2016 as the year of youth. The minister referred to the Arab Youth Capital project, which aims at alternately hosting Arab youth in an Arab capital city on an annual basis, to learn more about different communities. “Rabat” has been selected this year to host the Arab youth after Manama hosted them last year.

The Arab ministers affirmed Egypt’s key role in the region and stressed the need to effectuate an Arab strategy for sports and youth to enhance efforts aimed at combating violence, extremism and terrorism that target Arab youth. This is in addition to strengthening the values of tolerance and acceptance of the other. The President affirmed Egypt’s support and commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Council of Arab Ministries of Sports and Youth.


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