50 years of assassination attempts against Interior Ministers

Following the attempted assassination of Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim this morning, Youm7 collected information about assassination attempts against interior ministers in Egypt in the last 50 years.

This morning, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim survived an assassination attempt involving a car bomb that exploded outside his home as he was leaving for work.

Maj. Gen. Mohamed Nebawy Ismail was appointed prime minister in 1977 from being assistant minister, and who later went on to become deputy prime minister and then prime minister. On August 13, 1987 a gunman shot at him on his porch and then fled. In September 1987, 33 people were arrested and accused of involvement.

Major General Hassan Abu Basha was also targeted in 1987, when terrorists belonging to an organization called “Survivors from Hell” fired guns at him while he was returning home from visiting his daughter during the holy month of Ramadan. He was badly injured but survived, and his shooters were caught later and then put on trial.

Major General Zaki Badr, the fourth interior minister under Mubarak, also survived an assassination attempt. On December 16, 1989 he was targeted by a car bomb near Fardous Bridge. He was dismissed after the incident. Some say it was because he did not do his job well and consequently faced an attempt on his life, and others say it was because of a recording that reached the president in which Badr insulted Egyptian authorities and opposition figures.

Maj. Gen. Hassan al-Alfi was nearly killed in 1993 when a “jihadist” blew himself up in the minister’s convoy outside the American University in Cairo, which was then in downtown Cairo. The would-be assassin was killed, and the minister and his guards badly injured.

Translated from Youm7.

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