2 low-ranking policemen arrested for drug dealing
Egyptian police - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Two low-ranking policemen were arrested for dealing drugs, weeks after an investigation was launched into police cooperation in the drug trade after 15 police officers were suspected of working with drug dealers, Youm7 reported Thursday.

A policeman identified as Karim brought 25 kilos of hashish from Alexandria Port. He was followed by the police with two other people and was then arrested while in possession of the drug inside a car in Heliopolis, Cairo on Wednesday.

Another low-ranking policeman was arrested with half a kilo of heroin inside his apartment in Monib, Giza, along with an amount of cash he earned from selling the drug.

A major drug dealer known as el-Doksh was arrested in late March during a police crackdown in the Gold Triangle area of Qalyubia, after five officers were killed by drug dealers in same location in February and early March.

Soon after his arrest, it was revealed that police officers had cooperated with him in return for large amounts of money, Youm7 reported.

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