First EgyptAir plane arrives from Paris, 78 on board, AirFrance delayed
An EgyptAir plane lands at Cairo Airport in Egypt - REUTERS

CAIRO: An AirFrance plane took off from Cairo Airport early Friday after 90 minutes of delay to receive an authorization from France to depart, Youm7 reported.

An EgyptAir plane arrived in Cairo Airport from Paris, carrying the flight number of the plane that crashed Thursday, 804. The EgyptAir plane arrived safely with 78 passengers of different nationalities on board.

Another EgyptAir flight is expected to leave for Cairo from Paris at 8 p.m. Friday.

Debris of the EgyptAir plane, which was carrying 66 people, was found Friday morning by the Egyptian navy and air force.

The possibility that a “terrorist act” is behind the Thursday disappearance of the plane over the Mediterranean is higher than that of a technical failure, Sherif Fathy, the Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister said.

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