Finance Ministry proposes council to manage governmental databases

Finance Minister Ahmed Jalal said the ministry will submit a proposal to the cabinet regarding the formation of a supreme council to manage the databases of the members of the Egyptian community.

He said such a council will work to merge and unify the different databases in the different governmental authorities to pave the way for designing a unified database aiming to support  governmental plans to improve subsidies.

The minister said in a statement on Thursday that the ministers of finance, communication, petroleum, and administrative development agreed to draft the proposal during their meeting on Wednesday. He added that they discussed the measures taken to rationalize the energy subsidies and the required reform to provide petroleum materials in the markets regularly. He signaled that they also discussed how to benefit from the technical abilities of Egypt’s Ministry of Communication and Ministry of Administrative Development to execute the Smart Cards Project to distribute the diesel and Petrol.

The Egyptian official added that the ministers decided to form a technical committee composed of representatives of six ministries, including Ministries of Finance, Petroleum, Subsidy, Interior, Communications, and Administrative Development. He added that the committee will review the databases of those people who benefit from the subsidy, especially the users of the smart cards, adding that it will work to unify these databases., saying that it will study the proposals submitted in this regard.

Translated from Youm7.

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