22 unregistered migrants arrested at Egypt-Libya border crossing
Sallum crossing. YOUM7 archive.

CAIRO: A total of 22 unregistered migrants, including four foreigners, were arrested at the Egyptian-Libyan border crossing of Sallum Monday before illegally entering into Libyan territories, according to a statement from the Mediterranean city of Marsa Matrouh security directorate.

Eighteen of the migrants are Egyptians (11 from Minya, three from Alexandria and one each from Beheira, Sohag and Gharbia), while the other four immigrants are two Sudanese nationals and two from Bangladesh, the statement added. The security forces have launched an investigation.

Meanwhile, security forces have arrested two Egyptian fugitives at the border as they attempted to cross back into Egypt from Libya, according to another statement from the security directorate Monday.

The two convicts were previously sentenced to five years in jail in absentia over two separate cases of robbery and possessing unlicensed weapons, the statement added, noting that one of the convicts, 33, was arrested at the border before entering Egypt.

Two days ago, a group of 19 Egyptian nationals, including nine children, from Delta’s Sharqia government were arrested at the border in an attempt to illegally enter into the Libyan territories.

Security forces at the Sallum border crossing, which is located in the north west of the country and neighbors oil-rich Libya, routinely thwarts similar attempts of illegal immigration, arresting hundreds; authorities estimate that twice as many make it through as are arrested.

Libya was one of the most-travelled to destinations for Egyptians prior to the security turmoil following the 2011 upheaval which resulted in hundreds of thousands of Egyptians fleeing the country. However, hundreds of people still cross illegally into Libya which is considered a migration route to Europe via the Mediterranean.

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