5 security forces killed in Wednesday bombings in North Sinai
Egyptian armed forces in Sinai - REUTERS

CAIRO: At least five members of North Sinai security forces were killed Wednesday in two separate bombings, according to Youm7.

A medical source in North Sinai told Youm7 that a bomb went off in the southern part of Rafah city while four security personnel were trying to diffuse it; the four dead bodies and two injured children were taken to Arish Hospital.

The death was caused by shrapnel that were blown out of the detonated bomb, said the source.

The other explosion took place after an armored personnel carrier passed over a roadside bomb in the southern part of Sheikh Zuwayed city, leaving a conscript dead and two others injured.

An abandoned house in Arish was targeted by an explosive device Thursday morning, Youm7 reported. The bomb was planted by a fence near the house causing it some damage.

On Wednesday, a group of militants launched a missile attack at a security check point in southern Sheikh Zuwayed that left no casualties. In response, military forces dealt with the attacking group killing three members, while another two escaped.

A security source told Youm7 that another six extremists were killed, three bombs were diffused and hideouts were destroyed in security raids throughout Rafah and Sheikh Zuwayed.

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