McDonald’s Egypt relaunches the Open-door Program as part of its strong belief in transparency with its customers

As part of its continuous transparency philosophy and openness with its customers, and in line with McDonald’s global policy, which puts the safety and quality of its products as a top priority, McDonald’s Egypt has adopted the open-door policy. A program, which offers customers in Egypt a chance to enter the kitchens of various branches to observe the quality and safety procedures applied by the company at various stages of preparation of their products. The open-door policy comes as part of the responsibility of the company towards increasing consumer awareness about food and quality of the ingredients used in their products. The open door policy additionally depicts the safety standards and food preparation procedures followed by the company adhering to the highest global standards of safety and cleanliness.

In the same context and in an effort to encourage its customers to try the open-door tour, McDonald’s Egypt has launched a video on social media platforms, which takes its current and potential customers through a journey of everything they would experience during their visit to the kitchen.

The Open-Door program aims at answering any questions or doubts regarding what goes on in McDonald’s kitchens, which serve more than 60,000 customers daily through its 90 branches all over Egypt.

The tour inside McDonald’s kitchen introduces visitors to the way food is preserved, cleaned and stored from the moment it is received from the suppliers all through the whole handling and preparation process up until it is delivered to the customer. The video also features McDonald’s Health Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approach that is implemented throughout the whole journey from the suppliers’ farm all the way to the restaurant to ensure safety of the food during production, processing and transportation.

Mr. Alaa Fathy, General Manager of McDonald’s Egypt stated “Among the main success keys of committing to the international quality standards that McDonald’s is known for, is its employees’ high performance and capabilities, thus the company invests around 1 million EGP every year on the training and development of its team to stay in line with the highest quality standards applied by McDonald’s International.”

He added “We will continue injecting new investment in the Egyptian market by opening new branches in new governorates” He also added saying “McDonald’s is proud of currently employing around 4,500 employees in addition to providing 10,000 others with indirect employment opportunities.” Fathy also mentioned that McDonald’s is keen on periodically and strictly assessing its employees’ performance to encourage them in every way to reach their full potential.

Since the beginning of its operations in Egypt, McDonald’s has been dedicated to supporting the Egyptian community through numerous education, health and sports initiatives. On top of these

initiatives are the community development activities carried out in Ezbet KhairAllah and Batn El Bakara areas. The company has successfully renovated 22 preschools and 8 primary schools, thus providing children in these communities with a chance to earn proper education that eventually enables them to be part of the productive Egyptian workforce.

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