Gov’t verifying video of Egyptian stripped naked, beaten by Gulf man
Screen shot of unverified video circulated on social media showing a Gulf man beating an Egyptian man.

CAIRO: The government is trying to verify a video that showed a Gulf citizen, whose identity is yet undetermined, assaulting an Egyptian man after stripping him naked, causing anger storm on social media.

The unverified video first emerged on Innfrad website Saturday.  The two and half minute footage has gone viral on social media and attracted huge condemnations by activists and politicians, who called up on the Egyptian government to take a “firm” stance in case the footage was found authentic.

In the beginning of the video, the Gulf man identified as “Abu Abdullah” appeared slapping, cursing and beating with a stick an Egyptian young man, who was facing the wall naked with nudity effect placed on his body.

The assaulter told the camera man “film him like that,” pointing to the naked Egyptian who was heard weeping while struggling to cover his private parts with his hands.

The Gulf man threatened to take to investigations the Egyptian man whom he accuses of stealing a phone.

“I have been working with you for two years now….I swear to God I did not steal it…I am a victim Abu Abdullah,” said the Egyptian trying to defend himself against accusations and begging the assaulter who was grapping him from the hair.

Another Egyptian citizen was in the same room talking on the phone, saying that one had sold him a stolen phone.

Some news websites suggested the assaulting man owns a mobile shop and is the sponsor of the beaten Egyptian national. In Gulf countries, external nationalities must be hired by a sponsor, who should be a national of the country or institution that sets up the outsider’s work visa and rent issues.

At the end of the video, the Gulf man kicked the Egyptian expatriate telling him “I will pee on you.”

The Cairo Post was not able to determine the time the video was captured or the name of the beaten Egyptian citizen.

Parlmany, a supplement website of Youm7 newspaper, quoted Member of Parliament Haitham el-Hariri as saying that the parliament will take an action in regard with the incident so that the beaten Egyptian man “retrieves his right and dignity.”

The Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram said in a Saturday statements to Youm7 that she is communicating with the Interior Minister, security bodies and anti-cyber crime departments to verify the authenticity of the viral video.

“The video angers us…and we will not rush into results until we first verify the video,” Makram added.

Over the past months, videos for Egyptian nationals beaten and assaulted in Arab countries have surfaced, triggering fury on social media against mistreatment of Egyptian laborers abroad.

In April, a video footage showed a group of Jordanian police forces beating an Egyptian expatriate; the incident ended with reconciliation.

Two Jordanians were arrested over suspicion in their involvement in the killing of an Egyptian national in Jordan in November 2015.

In October 2015, a video circulated on social media showing a Jordanian Parliamentarian, called Zeid el-Shawabka, and his brothers punching an Egyptian who was working at a restaurant in the city over a delayed order.

During the same month, an Egyptian national working as a pastry delivery man in Kuwait appeared in a video with his right eye bruised and head bandaged, where he described how he had been assaulted while delivering an order.

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