4 policemen released, 3 jailed pending probe over beating elderly man to death
The policeman is getting in a police car after being beaten by local residents over killing a civilian and injuring two others over a cup of tea Tuesday, On April 19, 2016- Photo was sent to Youm7 by an eye-witness

CAIRO: Four police personnel were released on bail Saturday while three others were detained pending investigations over “beating an elderly man to death” at a police station in Cairo Wednesday, Youm7 reported.

A Cairo Prosecution ordered release of a police officer and four low-ranking officers on bail of 5,000 EGP ($562.69) each, while the other three policemen were detained for four days pending investigations.

The personnel face accusations of beating to death Hussein Farghali Hassan over a rent dispute in Cairo’s Baba al-Shieria neighborhood, near al-Waili police station.

Surveillance cameras at the station showed that an elderly man was beaten to death by policemen using thick wooden batons, Youm7 quoted a general prosecution official tasked with investigating the incident Sunday. The police personnel were arrested Friday.

The victim’s lawyer Ihab Mohamed said in his complaint that the accused police personnel raided Hassan’s house Wednesday and arrested him, his wife and son before escorting them to al-Waili police station where Hassan has been brutally beaten. Mohamed claimed that the police officer is a relative of a man with whom Hassan has a dispute over a rent.

However, the Ministry of Interior issued Friday a statement saying that the victim and his family clashed with the police.

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