Egypt denies Kenya’s claims on ‘dogs and slaves’ utterances
Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy

CAIRO: Egyptian Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy denied Tuesday Kenyan reports claiming that Egypt described African countries as “dogs and slaves” during the United Nations Environment Assembly meeting in Nairobi, stating that “an Egyptian representative never said or articulated such words,” Youm7 reported

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry will issue an official response to a letter that was sent by Kenya in which Nairobi called on Cairo to apologize for “insulting the Africans,” the Minister added.

Fahmy said that Kenya had conflicting information when it made the announcement, first saying the comments came from the Egyptian Minister of Environment and then attributed the comments to the Minister’s aides.

Fahmy affirmed that he did not attend the meetings which were attended by the Egyptian ambassador to Nairobi and two representatives from the Ministry of Environment.

Kenyan newspaper of The Start reported Tuesday that Kenya Chairman of the Africa Diplomatic Corps Technical Committee Yvonne Khamati condemned such “utterances.”

“We feel that these uncivilized, racist, discriminatory and vindictive utterances do not advance the vision of the 2063 African Agenda and the Pan-Africanism that was advocated by the founding fathers of the African Union,” The Start quoted Khamati as saying in her statement. She said that the committee has decided to bar the Egyptian delegate from negotiations or “undertaking any leadership position on behalf of Africa.”

Journalist James Smart was the first person to post about it on his official Twitter account claiming that such words were articulated by the Egyptian delegate. He then called on Khamati and the Foreign Minister of Kenya Amina Mohamed for a response.



Khamati replied on Twitter saying the the government is aware of what happened and will respond appropriately.





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  1. Saber Elwardany
    June 1, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    Egyptian people like my self pay tribute every day to the heroes police men and soldiers killed by Islamist fanatic’s terrorists and fugitives involved in the deadly attack on every part of Egypt.

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