Students produce video to promote tourism in Egypt
Children from the Ababda tribe, native to Egypt's Marsa Alam on boats while Egyptian holidaymakers take a selfie in May 2016 - Photo courtesy of Nour Abdel Wahed

CAIRO: Students, graduates and an instructor at the Faculty of Tourism, Helwan University produced a video to promote Egypt as a holiday destination amid hopes tourist turnout will increase over time.
The song in the video was written and composed by Salah Helal, who teaches advertising at the Cairo-based faculty, while the director Mohamed Ali is a master’s student.

“Despite how the media portrays Egypt as a dangerous place, Egyptians in fact spend their weekends at the many resorts in complete safety,” Helal told The Cairo Post Tuesday.

He said the song aims to promote domestic tourism. He hopes another video will be produced to promote Arab tourism to Egypt and a third video to invite tourists from around the globe to visit the country rich with resorts and cultural sites.

Helal plans to make the third video in English, noting that many students at the faculty may also contribute with other languages.

“I am very optimistic about tourism in Egypt, based on how Egypt has improved compared to four years ago at the level of security and politics,” Helal said.

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