Lawyers suspends works in court in Dakahlia after storming Syndicate branch
Chairman of the lawyers syndicate Sameh Ashour - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Chairperson of the Egyptian Lawyers Syndicate Sameh Ashour announced that lawyers’ works at Dakahlia courts has been suspended Tuesday in protest against the storming of the Talkha city Syndicate branch in Delta’s governorate.

Ashour added in a statement that he asked the Talkha lawyers to prepare a letter that will be submitted to the Cabinet.


On Monday evening, a group of unknown people  stormed the Egyptian Lawyers Syndicate Club, attacking a number of lawyers and three journalists. Ten lawyers and two journalists were injured in the clashes.


Ashour contacted the Attorney General to launch an investigation into the incident. Some lawyers and journalists claimed the attack took place due to a disagreement between the syndicate and a company over the running of the club, after the syndicate cancelled its contract with the company.

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