Former attorney-general admits to secretly filming his office

Former attorney-general Talaat Abdullah has admitted to secretly placing security cameras in his office. He says the cameras were placed for security reasons, as he is “doing his job in an insecure environment.”

Such closed-circuit cameras are completely normal, said Abdullah, comparing it to installing electronic gates. He said the cameras were installed because of the number of people who come into his office who could be hiding weapons or explosives in their bags, which would endanger his life and those of the people around him.

In a phone call with Al-Jazeera, the former judge said they are not spy cameras but security cameras. He said his employees are often verbally assaulted, and that some who come to see him have smashed the windows of his office and others have kept him in his office and yelled at him. He said many members of the prosecution team have been assaulted.

Abdullah denied being informed that he would be investigated on accusations of planting spy equipment in the attorney general’s office, and also denied that he is banned from leaving the country.

He said  the cameras were a part of a complete security system that records voice and video, just like security systems installed in hotels and companies, so that if anyone enters and commits a crime, he could be identified using not only his face, but also his voice.

Abdullah says this is completely legitimate.

Translated from Youm7.

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