50 EGP fine for fare-jumpers: metro company
Cairo metro - YOUM7

CAIRO: The fine for fare evasion at Cairo metro is now 50 EGP ($5.63,) up from 15, announced the Egyptian Metro Company.

The new fine will be also applied on other violations committed inside metro stations, including not using the ticket at the gate, using invalid tickets or ineligibly benefiting from ticket discounts.

The company’s decision also toughens punishments over smoking inside the metro carriages, throwing waste inside stations or carriages and on men using female-only carriages.

In case of presence of beggars or unlicensed vendors inside carriages or stations, the fine imposed is raised to 100 EGP.

The Ministry of Transport has been making statements on losses of the metro company due to the low price of the ticket; 1 EGP ($0.11.)

Former Transport Minister Saad el-Geyoushi said in 2015 the metro’s debts amounted to $2.6 billion, worsened by a high rate of fare-jumpers, and that the price has not changed since 2007.

A decision to increase the metro ticket, although announced since last year, has not entered into force as it triggered anger among poor who depend on the metro as the fastest, cheapest means of transport.

In March, the government reassured citizens that if it considered raising the price of metro tickets, “the increase will be by 50 piasters.”

In a bid to meet the growing demand on the subway, which is used by millions of Egyptians every day, the government has installed a total of 13 air-conditioned carriages on the oldest metro line, and has begun constructing new extensions to the metro lines; announcing third and fourth lines.

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