Sisi to review 2-year tenure achievements in TV interview Friday
Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi - REUTERS

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi will review achievements of his two-year tenure in an interview hosted by T.V. anchor Osama Kamal on Friday evening, according to a presidential statement.

In a two-hour recorded interview scheduled to be aired at al-Qahira we al-Nas T.V. channel at 7:30 p.m. Cairo local time, Sisi will also discuss other issues of concern to the Egyptian people, said Kamal.

During his inaugural speech for the Harvest Day held in the Farafra depression earlier this month, Sisi stated that by June he will conclude the achievements of his tenure in a detailed presidential report.

The Presidential Office issued Thursday evening a 43-page report on Sisi’s achievements, including ongoing eight mega projects worth around a trillion and 40 billion EGP (approx. $117,167,263,200)

One of the mega projects is the Suez Canal Development with a cost estimated at 50 billion EGP. The project includes the establishment of the parallel shipping lane of the Suez Canal and another lane in East Port Said in addition to industrial cities, free trade zones, and maritime ports.

Sinai Development project is Sisi’s second achievement at a total cost of 150 billion EGP; the government is building new housing units, road network, a group of tunnels, and fishery farms, the report said.

The third project concerning reclaiming 1.5 million feddans in desert, at a cost of 60-70 billion EGP; this project is the first phase of cultivating a total of 4 million feddans nationwide depending on pumping water out from five renewable and non-renewable aquifers.

Developing the national road network of Egypt is the fourth ongoing project with cost estimated at at 100 billion EGP, the report continued.

A total of 150 billion EGP has been allocated for the fifth project, which includes the establishment of six new cities nationwide and the new administrative capital. Meanwhile, the government allotted 185 billion EGP for a national project of building a million housing units for the low and medium income people.

The national project of electricity has the lion share of funds estimated at 450-500 billion EGP.

To fund these ongoing projects, the Egyptian government signed dozens of agreements and memoranda of understanding China, Russia and a number of Gulf states. Furthermore, the Gulf States have granted Egypt billions of dollars in aid, grants and soft loans since Sisi assumed power. Recently, Egypt has received $500 million, a first installment of $2.5 billion grant.

President Sisi assumed power in June 2014 following presidential elections. As a president, Sisi held both legislative and executive powers until Feb. 13, when he transferred legislative powers to the newly elected parliament.

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