Baseera poll shows 91 percent of Egyptians satisfied with Sisi performance
Sisi inaugurates al-Asmarat Project for building new housing units for slum inhabitants at Cairo’s Moqattam

CAIRO: Ninety one percent of the Egyptians are satisfied with President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s performance during his two-year tenure, according to a Saturday poll carried out by the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera.)

The results showed that 81 percent of those surveyed said that they would vote for Sisi should the presidential elections be held again the next day, nine percent said they would not, while 10 percent said their vote depends on who will run the election against Sisi.

According to the sample population surveyed, there has been an improvement in the security situation and energy issues with over 86 percent satisfied with the standards.

However living conditions, unemployment, education and health issues were among the topics the sample population were least satisfied with.

Sisi swore the republican oath on June 8, 2014 after winning the presidential elections in a landslide victory of over 96 percent of the valid votes.

The poll was conducted in coordination with Youm7 newspaper across all Egyptian governorates May 20-24. Over landlines and mobile phones, the center spoke to 2,600 people aged over 18, Baseera’s chief Maged Othman was quoted by Youm7.

The poll came less than a month after Baseera revealed a decline in Sisi’s popularity with 97 percent  down from 82 percent from an earlier poll conducted in mid-September 2014.

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