Culture news wrap up June 07
Tanoura show performed at the Wikalit al Ghoury in Islamic Cairo.

No more browsing from one site to another, view our daily wrap up of Egypt’s main cultural events  June 7.

Egyptian Museum in Turin holds seminar on afterlife in ancient Egypt

The Egyptian Museum of Turin will hold a seminar on the afterlife and resurrection concepts in ancient Egypt. The two-day event will focus on grave goods, sacred rituals and objects connected with the afterlife along with mummification and the rich pantheon of deities involved.

Fanous sales rise in 1st week of Ramadan

On the second day of Ramadan, thousands are still flocking to Cairo’s overcrowded Tent Makers Market to cherish a millennia-old tradition and buy a Fanous (lantern); an essential feature of Ramadan.

Egypt’s inbound tourism decreases by 54% in April: CAPMAS

The number of tourists visiting Egypt decreased by 54 percent in April 2016, totaling 425,000 compared to 923,900 in April 2015, according to the Centered Agency for Public Mobilization and Statics (CAPMAS.)

Sufi chanting, Tanoura shows at Al Mo’iz Street on 2nd day of Ramadan

With Ramadan starting this week, the Culture Ministry organizes a cultural event at Al Moiz Street in Islamic Cairo Tuesday featuring religious chants and Tanoura (whirling Dervish) shows, Youm7 reported.

Reassembly of Pharaoh Khufu’s second solar boat kicks off

Dozens of conservators, Egyptologists and archaeologists initiated the reassembly of the cedar wood beams of the “captain’s shrine” of the second Sun Boat of Pharaoh Khufu (around 2,400 B.C,) the Antiquities Ministry announced in a statement Tuesday.

Sotheby’s sells “The Egyptian Beauty” painting for $622K 

Sotheby’s auction house in France sold Kees van Dongen’s painting dubbed as “The Egyptian Beauty” at $622,000, according to Youm7. Van Dongen visited Egypt in 1913, and the ancient monuments he saw contributed to an increasing decorativeness in his own art.

Culture ministry celebrates Ramadan at Upper Egypt’s historical landmarks

The Culture Ministry organizes several activities in historical landmarks in Upper Egypt on the occasion of the Holy month of Ramadan. Seminars, folk music performances and cultural lectures are to take place every evening at Karnak temples in Luxor, in addition to archaeological sites in Aswan and Qena.

Culture minister inaugurates Ramadan cultural events at Islamic Cairo

Culture Minister Helmy al Namnam attended the festival organized by the Cultural Development Fund (CDF) held at Al-Muizz l-Din Allah Street Monday. The month-long festival will feature oriental music, Sufi chanting, Tanura and folkloric dancing, art exhibitions, theatre performances, puppet theatre shows, and concerts of famous Egyptian singers and musicians.

Ancient Egyptian statue seized in a Minya checkpoint

Security forces in Upper Egypt’s governorate of Minya arrested a local in possession of an ancient Egyptian bust and alabaster base. Preliminary investigations confirmed the figurine is authentic and dates back to New Kingdom Period (1,580B.C.-1,080B.C.)

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