PRESS RELEASE: British Ambassador John Casson sees UK aid support Egyptian families in Assiut
UK ambassador John Casson - Photo from the UK official website

British Ambassador John Casson has visited Assiut where he saw how UK aid money is supporting the Egyptian government help vulnerable and marginalised Egyptian families.

Alongside First Assistant Minister for Social Solidarity Dr Nevine El-Qabaj [القباج], Casson met families at local centres in Assiut who are receiving cash transfers through the Takafol and Karama programmes.

Supported by $1m of UK aid money, Takafol and Karama are social programmes run by the Egyptian government and designed by the World Bank.

The two programmes provide families with cash transfers, directly tackling poverty and social deprivation amongst vulnerable and marginalised communities in Egypt.

Takafol provides families with a cash injection four times a year to help children go to school and stay healthy. Karama is an individual entitlement that provides the elderly and severely handicapped with a monthly stipend.

Since launching in December 2014, the schemes have provided cash transfers to over half a million households. Around 90% of the recipients are women.

British Ambassador John Casson said:

“Modern diplomacy isn’t about secretive conversations in dark rooms, it’s about taking action. And these programmes – Takafol and Karama – are diplomacy in action. As a direct result of UK funding and our partnership with the World Bank, thousands of Egyptians are benefiting from these cash transfers. It is a clear example of how the UK is working with the Egyptian government to tackle poverty and deliver real change that benefits Egyptian citizens.”

During his visit to Assiut, Casson also highlighted his focus on finding ways to improve the Egyptian education system. He met the President of Assiut University and visited a number of community schools run by a local Egyptian NGO Upper Egypt for Education and Development.

Casson said:

“Education is vital to Egypt’s long-term success and education reform is at the top of my agenda. The UK is the education nation and we are working closely alongside the Egyptian government, international partners, and NGOs towards a vision where every young Egyptian boy and girl gets the education, skills, and opportunities they deserve.”


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