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Hesham Genenah, former head of CAO - YOUM7

Former anti-corruption official Hesham Genena attends trial

Former Accountability State Authority Hesham Genena is attending Tuesday the first hearing of his trial over spreading false news on the scale of corruption in Egypt. Genena told media outlets in December 2015 that corruption in 2015 amounted to 600 billion EGP ($75 billion.)

Draft law on NCHR cancels prior permits to visit prisons

Inspecting prisons would only require a notification, rather than permission, from the Interior Ministry per a draft law from the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR). The council’s members will also be appointed by the parliament, NCHR member Hafez Abou Se’da told Youm7 Tuesday.

MP, Strong Egypt demands expulsion of education minister over exam leaks

Member of Parliament Gamal Abbas demanded that Education Minister el-Helaly el-Sherbiny be expelled after two high school exams were leaked. The religion exam was leaked online two hours before the test was due to begin, leading to its cancellation, and the Arabic test was leaked on social media 30 minutes after the test began. The Strong Egypt party also made the same request, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

Parliament’s health committee demands a higher budget, military supervision

As the parliament discusses the 2016\2017 state budget, the Health Affairs committee recommended that the Armed Forces supervise the maintenance of medical devices at all government-owned hospitals, and that the budget allocated to the Ambulance Authority be increased to accommodate an ambitious plan to cover all governorates, as well as the maintenance and health insurance budgets, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

60 MPs demand discussion over low sugar beet prices

Sixty members of parliament signed a petition to discuss the struggle sugar beet farmers are experiencing in receiving dues from the government, low prices of the crop and restrictions on extent of its planting, parliamentarian Khaled Helaly told Youm7 Tuesday.

Police in Talkha allegedly “pressure” lawyers after syndicate raid

The police in Talkha, Dakahlia are “pressuring” lawyers after they accused policemen of not trying to help lawyers while assailants raided the Lawyers Syndicate in the city. The police allegedly made detainees file 18 reports against the lawyers, but head of the syndicate Sameh Ashour said the police’s accusations are “worthless” because they are “opponents in the crisis,” Youm7 reported Tuesday.

External delegation prevented from attending parliament hearing on human rights

The Human Rights committee of the parliament is holding a meeting with speaker Ali Abdel Aal after he refused that a delegation from the Democratic Current Alliance attends a hearing session on the human rights situation, Youm7 reported Monday.

Cabinet submits Value Added Tax act to parliament

The Value Added Tax act was submitted to the parliament by Prime Minister Sherif Ismail Tuesday to be discussed and passed, Minister of Legal Affairs and the House of Representatives Magdy al-Agaty told Youm7.

Parliament’s Agriculture Committee requests agriculture budget increase to 1.7B EGP

As the parliament discusses the 2016\2017 state budget, the Agriculture Committee of the parliament recommended that the budget allocated to the Agriculture Ministry be increased to 1.7 billion EGP and be given a feasibility study for all farming projects, agent of the committee Abdel Hameed al-Demerdash told Youm7 Tuesday.

MP launches initiative to release youths during Ramadan

Member of Parliament Mohamed al-Sadat launched an initiative to release youths during Ramadan who have been jailed over violence, saying the state “would pay the price” of their imprisonment in the future as they will be released following years of dealing with criminals, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

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