High school students to protest June 13 for dismissal of Education Minister
Group of students revise their lessons before their final exam - YOUM7 ( Archive )

CAIRO: A statement by high school students is circulating on social media calling for protests on June 13 to demand the dismissal of the Education Minister amid a wave of exam leaks.

“We are the Egyptian students, especially the high school students; we are living in a society that only cares for myths and trivialities, and is far away from science, development and scientific research,” read the statement.

The students called for nationwide demonstrations, and listed a number of demands including: the sacking of the Education Minister Helaly el-Sherbeiny, punishment to all those who are involved in leaking exams and the cancelation of a previous decision that obliges high school students to attend school for 10-grade points.

Since the Thanaweya Amma (high school diploma) exams kicked off Sunday, three tests were leaked on social media before exams were due to take place; the English language exam, the religion exam and the Arabic language exam.

A total of 12 officials from the Education Ministry were detained Monday pending investigations into the exam leaks; five of them were later released.

Police arrested a number of students who they believe to be administrators for Facebook pages that leaked questions and model answers for the high school exams.

Beshir Hassan, a spokesperson for the Education Ministry, said that 39 students are being investigated over cheating during the English exam that was held Tuesday.

Meanwhile, many students have lamented “loose monitoring” inside exam classrooms, and demanded “strict rules” to be employed to “guarantee the principle of equal opportunities among students,” Youm7 quoted some high school students Tuesday before their exam.

New measures like electronic rods to search for mobile phones have been introduced by the Education ministry to prevent cheating; however, some students reportedly used their phones during exams to respond to Facebook leaks.

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