Italy deports 33 Egyptians for illegal immigration
Cairo International Airport - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: A total of 33 Egyptian deportees arrived in Cairo International Airport Friday aboard a flight from Italy over illegal migration attempt, according to a statement from the airport.

The Egyptians were deported on Mistral Air flight 5001 from Catania and escorted by a total of 85 Italian security personnel, the statement continued.

Italian forces have arrested the nationals on a fishing boat that was coming from Egypt’s Mediterranean city Alexandria last week, the statement added.

According to the investigations, the deportees confessed that a gang of human traffickers facilitated their illegal flight from Alexandria to Italy’s territorial water where they have been arrested.

On May 26, Italian authorities deported 46 Egyptians after they were arrested while attempting to illegally enter into Italian waters in fishing boats. Ten days earlier, a total of 50 Egyptians were deported from Italy over similar circumstances.

Italy has deported hundreds of Egyptian unregistered migrants over the past few months. Meanwhile, Egypt has arrested hundreds of Egyptians and foreigners before attempting to sail to Europe.

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